This girl is unique. She has an "uncombable hair syndrome"

Shilah Madison from Melbourne is one of only around 100 people in the world who have a condition known as "uncombable hair syndrome".

There are three genes responsible for these condition: PADI3, TGM3 and TCHH. If there is a mutation in one of these genes, the hair looks like that.


But it changes in time.


"Everybody knows me at school! I am a star!", says little Shilah. She is not ashamed of her condition - on the contrary, she likes to make jokes about her hair. Sometimes kids call her Dr. Brown from Back to the future.

Her parents had had no idea about this disease before she got diagnosed. Her mother complains that people still don't believe her when she tries to explain her daughter's condition.


There is no cure for "uncombable hair syndrome". Shilah's hair will just stay that way.


Unfortunately, sometimes grown-ups approach the girl with questions about her hair and even try to take picture. It is very unpleasant, but Shilah tries not to pay attention to ill-mannered people.


Source: instagram