This dog started barking all of a sudden. His owner saw an injured dolphin...

When Rich Wilcock went fishing, he didn't know his dog would become a hero.

It was a cloudy day, the sea was stormy - something very common in the north of Wales. Wilcock was taking pictures when all of a sudden his dog Leah began to bark at something.


The dog was insisting his owner would go and see what was there in the waves.

"Normally Leah doesn't bark that much. He is not a pup anymore."


Finally Rich saw a dolphin stuck in the rocks just by the shore. A very small dolphin, a baby dolphin!

Rich didn't have his phone on him, so he had no idea what to do. The sea was hitting the baby dolphin harder and harder, and it couldn't free itself!


So Rich, an experienced fisherman, decided to help the creature. He approached it and started to push it gently towards the open sea. He's never seen a dolphin so close! It seemed to be so weak and exhausted.


He took the dolphin with his both hands and started moving it, but the rocks were so slippery and unstable that he barely could stand straight. Finally, a big wave helped him to liberate the baby dolphin. But it wasn't moving.


Then the creature started jerking and tried to swim away. But another big wave pushed it right back on the rocks. Rich began to panic! The dolphin was too weak to swim.


Rich was almost crying - he couldn't do anything to help the creature.

When the next big wave arrived, he almost thew the baby dolphin towards open sea, and it finally could reach the deeper waters!

Source: youtube