The British royal family: top 8 amusing situations

1. In 1991 Elizabeth II went to the USA with an official visit. She was giving a speech after George Bush. Everyone was sure that the president would adjust the microphone for the queen, given that she is way shorter than him, but it didn't happen.

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2. It turned out not all the British are able to recognize the queen. Once she attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show, and a security didn't let her in because she didn't have a guest bracelet. The queen didn't get angry or anything, she just asked the security guard to look her up in the list. Later the poor man admitted that he took her for an old lady that had gotten lost.


3. Prince Charles is sometimes so bored at official events that he allows himself to take a nap.


4. Kate Middleton, though being a recognised style icon, seems to have her issues with the wind. And these are only the awkward moment caught on camera...


5. Some of the situations may seem amusing or awkward just for the members of the royal family, while an ordinary person wouldn't find anything odd about them. For instance, on this photo the queen is asking prince William to change his seat, because according to the royal rules, he can't be sitting near prince George. Oops.


6. At his wedding prince Charles was careless enough to say out loud that he "hated all this, all the people", referring to the journalists that were bothering the newly weds. When he realized that the microphone was on, he corrected himself, "I can't stand him, he is a terrible person". Everybody knew it was said about Nicolas Witchella, a famous journalist.


7. Queen Elizabeth's husband, prince Phillip, went to Australia in 2000 with the official visit. He asked the leader of one of the tribes, "Are you still shooting arrows at each other?" The royal family had to make an official apology after that.


8. During an official visit to Canada, little prince George came out of the plane with a gloomy face and refused to shake the hand of the Canadian Prime Minister.