5 mistakes women make when they choose underwear

How to choose beautiful underwear that fits you?

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Well, first, stop making your butt look like this!


Panties shouldn't squeeze your body. Choose the size carefully and make sure the fabric is right what you need.

Don't buy bras that lift your breasts to your chin. It loos ridiculous and exaggerated. If you want men to admire your cleavage, keep it on its rightful place.


Another common mistake is wearing white panties with white pants. It's better to put on beige underwear made of soft fabric.


It looks like you have no taste at all when you wear a bra of a radically different colour under a semi-transparent blouse.


The worst of all mistakes is wearing a bra when you have a dress or other item with an open back. If you have small breasts, just don't wear a bra. If you have B+ size, use a bra that looks like that:


Source: coverumps