There is an app that blocks your child's phone until they read your message

Ben got his first iPhone when he was in secondary school. His father Nick Herbert thought that the device would help to stay in contact with his son. But something went wrong.

It turned out to be difficult for Nick to communicate with Ben because he was always playing on the phone or missed calls on purpose.


Nick assumed his son was just ignoring him.


That's how Nick came up with the app ReplyASAP. You can message a person who has this app installed on their phone, and it will come through even if the phone is switched off or in silent mode.

The sound won't stop until the person reads the message. So the parents can be 100% sure that their child read their message.


It works both ways: children can also send ASAP messages to their parents.

The app is available for Android, and soon there will be a version for iPhone.

Source: simplemost