This model stayed in a corset for 6 years!

Aleuria Avendano from Venezuela is 25 years old. She is a model, not a very successful one though. Her salary is pretty low for modelling business, and famous brands don't want to make her their official face. She is famous for another reason...

Aleuria's figure is something special. People call her "human wasp".

She looks very different from an average woman. Aleuria has huge breasts and butt, but her waist is extremely slim.

If someone is thinking "well, that is just not possible", they are right. Her body is a result of several plastic surgeries and years of torturing herself with a corset.

At first she was juts another pretty girl. She felt sad that nobody noticed her, so she decided to change...

90-60-90 has never been an attractive standard for her: Aleuria dreamt of Jessica Rabbit's figure.

She set a goal: 50-cm waist.

To reach her goal she put on a corset and stayed in it for... 6 years! She wore it 23 hours per day. She'd take it off only to let her waist rest a bit and take a couple of photos for Instagram.

Well, now it looks like her dreams came true.

What do you think about her choice?