A multimillionaire randomly chose a girl and showered her with presents

How would you feel if you secret Santa was... Bill Gates?

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A Reddit user VietteLLC got lucky.

Every year Reddit community members send each other presents anonymously. In 2013 Bill Gates joined the club.


The first one to get a present from Gates was Rachel - he gave her a National Geographic book and a stuffed ladybug. In 2014 a guy received Loki's helmet from the Marvel universe. In 2015 the multimillionaire gave Nintendo Classic Edition and Xbox One as presents.


Last year he decided to fulfil a dream of a cat lover. Now VietteLLC lives with a furry kitten named Pushin, a famous meme character.

She also received 3 certificates for $750 in total for charity. Gates does it every year.

To prove that it was really him who has sent the presents, Bill Gates took a picture with them.


"I just can't believe it! I am so happy! Bill Gates sent me a photo with Pushin and wrote some funny stuff about cats!"



She is a very lucky girl!



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