How to look outstanding: duct tape and other 6 secrets of celebrities

Kim Kardashian

The queen of style and sensuality gives us a reason to talk about her yet again: she shared her simple and useful trick to make her breasts look perfect. Kim uses... duct tape!

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise keeps being a heart breaker, spotted with another Hollywood beauty on every other fancy ceremony. But he has a small drawback - his height (170 cm). That's why he uses man high heels, really noticeable ones.

Emma Watson

Some outfits are so light and small that you can't wear them with a bra. It that cases celebrities use silicone stickers - and it was exactly what Emma did. We still think her dress is too explicit.

Jessica Biel

Well, it is understandable when a person sweats in a stressful situation, and walking the red carpet in a million spotlights is definitely one of those situations. But we'd recommend Jessica to use a better antiperspirant or just paper tissues next time.

Nicole Richie

Silicone bras were designed exactly for this kind of dresses, but it looks like Nicole didn't get the size right.

Taylor Swift

Taylor has perfect breasts from the modelling point of view. But what girl doesn't want bigger breasts from time to time? So she got what she wanted thanks to a push-up bra.

Jennifer Garner

One awkward movement, and the whole world knows what kind of panties you prefer... We are sure Jennifer isn't the only one who puts on this kind of underwear from time to time, but... be careful next time, Jen!

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