A rich Russian decorated her Lamborghini with Swarovski gems

Some people decorate Christmas trees, others - their cars. Children of rich businessmen like to spend the money of their parents to exhibit their wealth.


Daria Rodionova is 23 years old. Since she was 10 she has been living in Great Britain. She is studying on the Faculty of Administration in one of the universities of London.

Daria is from Moldavia, though she is considered to be Russian. Her parents live in Chisinau. She doesn't talk much about their business, but she loves to be in the centre of attention.

Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 is her 3d car in 2 years. Like the first two cars, Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes CLS 350, she decorated it with Swarovski gems. It cost her more than $30,000, the decoration was done in Russia. More than 1,3 million pieces of Swarovski were glued to the car in 2 months (12 hours of work per day).


Now it is impossible not to look at her car. Daria is even worried that it may cause traffic accidents.


Daria has a bag with some extra gems in the car. In case any of those fall off, she drives the car straight to auto repair service.


Her previous car, a Mercedes, was sold at an auction for 200,000 euros. According to Daria, she donated half of the money to animal shelters - one in Moldavia, one in England.

Source: www.youtube.com