An unusual family photo shoot

Theme photo shoots are very popular nowadays. Most parents want to take as many pictures as they can with their baby while it's still small.


Rebecca Hayes and David Ward wanted some photos of them with their baby as well... The problem is their kid is 21 years old!

Look at what this ides resulted into!


When your child is the size of Clayton, it's not that simple to take sweets pics.



Rebecca and David met in high school, but in 1995 they separated. It was after Clayton had been born.

They went out with other people, even got married. Clayton was the only thing tying them together.

When their spouses passed away, they decided to reunite the family.

Rebecca's husband died in 2013, and David's wife passed away in 2015 (she was diagnosed with cancer a year before that).


Rebecca thanks Duffy Crawson, who made their silly dream come true.

Source: today