12 well-paid jobs that no one wants to do

1. Animal feed taste-tester


Salary: $40 000 per year

Well, you don't have to like animals to do this job, but sure thing you have to like their food. That employee is supposed to decide if the pet would like the feed or not.

2. Drain cleaner


Salary: $150 000 per year

Seems like a horrible occupation.

3. A person who cleans crime scenes


Salary: $600 per hour

Yeap, there are special people who do that. Police won't touch a thing. These cleaners have to deal with blood, body parts and other things.

4. Taster

Poison bottle

Salary: not enough

That's how in old times they called a person who would try food before a head of a country (emperor, tzar, etc.) eats it so that they don't get poisoned.

5. Golf ball diver


Salary: $100 000 per year

It seems like a pretty simple job. But just think about it - every day, sun or rain, he has to dive and look for small sunken balls. There are around 4000 (!) of them at the end of the day.

6. A person who removes dead animals


Salary: $25 000 per year

According to statistics, every year up to 1,5 million deers are killed on the roads of the USA alone. And as for the smaller animals...

7. A person who makes biological artefacts


Salary: $30 000 per year

In scientific labs thousands of frogs, pigeons, mice, cats and pigs are killed every week. There are people who are responsible for preserving them in special jars.

8. A person who defines the gender of a chick


Salary: $60 000 per year

They are mainly counting on their experience and intuition. These people work on chicken productions in Great Britain and Japan.

9. Research cosmonaut


Salary: different, but huge

In 2010 6 Russian cosmonauts were locked up in a space ship for 490 days. It was done in order to establish if a person can reach Mars without going mad. We'd need 250 days to arrive to Mars, 30 days to study it and 240 more days to get back.

10. Pit cleaner


Salary: $50 000 per year

Somebody has to do it...

11. Snake poison collector


Salary: one gram of poison costs up to $1 000.

These people deal with the deadliest snakes in the world.

12. Professional patient


Salary: $15 per hour

Some clinics and universities need this kind of "patients" to educate students and interns.

Source: Bestie