Rich celebrities that are too greedy to spend on trifles

Jennifer Lopez 


We know of one interesting situation that happened when Jennifer and Ben Affleck were still together. They went to a casino, and Ben won around 10,000. Overjoyed, he threw a $500 chip to the dealer, but Lopez snatched it and gave the man a $50 one instead.

Victoria Beckham 


Victoria never tips! Moreover, she doesn't pay stylists, thinking that her appearance in a beauty salon is a good enough settlement itself.

Gwyneth Paltrow


A waitress ones shared with the press that Gwyneth doesn't leave tips and pretends not to know what they are when asked politely for a reward.

Britney Spears 


She is not only the worst tipper, she even kicks up rows in restaurants and leave without paying for food she ate!



Though Madonna is famous for her charity projects, her own stage crew - sound guys, stylists, choreographers - are extremely underpaid.

Mick Jagger 


He's created his own currency - autographs.

Sarah Jessica Parker


She always checks if the lights are off in the house, counts how much water people spend, monitors who bought what... Parker is unbearable at home! She often buys clothes at garage sales and in cheap stores.



He doesn't like to pay for his food. Asher tries to eat out with people who would pay for him.

Paul McCartney 


He often forgets about holidays and therefore almost never gives presents. He also pays his assistants with beer. Genius!

Source: Buzzfeed