Justin Bieber has found a replacement for Selena Gomez?

Justin and Selena split up just last week, but Bieber is evidently fine and already searching for a better match. A couple of days ago paparazzi spotted him entering Avenue night club in Hollywood with an unknown girl. Several hours later Bieber, the girl, Patrick Schwarzenegger and his girlfriend Abby Champion went to another club, Roxy. Around 4 am Justin and the unknown girl went to his place.

Later reporters found out that her name is Baskin Champion - she is Abby's sister.


Baskin is a model, just like her sister. They both auditioned for Sports Illustrated. In 2014 she became Miss Alabama Teen.

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On the 1st of July Baskin turned 23. She likes pilates, chocolate cookies and football, and she has 229 000 followers on Instagram. Baskin posts a lot of photos of her sister, her dogs, some friends. No Justin there. For now. 

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Source: ELLE