"The USA most handsome criminal" will be a father to a rich girl's baby

Jeremy Meeks, known as "the USA most handsome criminal", and Chloe Green, Topshop owner's daughter, will soon become parents, reports Buzzfeed.

People started gossiping about their affair in July 2017: some paparazzi managed to take a pic of them on a yacht off the Turkish coast. In October Meeks divorced his wife, who had been waiting for him until he got out of prison. They have a child.

For 27-year-old Green this child will be the first. The couple is planning to get married.


People started to call Jeremy Meeks "the USA most handsome criminal" in 2014, after a Facebook photo of him had gotten over 100 000 likes. He was convicted of unlawful gun possession and spent 27 months in prison.

After he got out, Jeremy was hired by a modelling agency. Since then he has been a successful model, took part in several Fashion Weeks and became the face of the brand Philipp Plein.

Chloe Green is a daughter of the Topshop owner and a heiress of almost $5 million, according to Forbes. She is not employed and leads a glamorous lifestyle.

Source: ELLE