24 smart lifehacks for parents

1. Security bracelet

01 (5)

This way if you lose your child in a supermarket or a shopping mall, people who find him or her will know where to call.

2. Safe sleep

02 (7)

Aqua sticks - cheap and easy.

3. Non-slippery slippers

03 (4)

Use hot glue on slippers or socks. Your child won't fall next time they are running around the house.

4. Toilet paper economiser

04 (6)

Teach your children to save resources.

5. Lint roller

06 (4)

For children who like to play with glitter.

6. Rubbers

07 (5)

So that the door doesn't close all of a sudden.

7. Fitted sheet

08 (6)

It protects your baby from sun and insects.

8. Soap

09 (4)

Use rubber to spend less.

9. Clean baby's dummies

10 (25)

Great protection from dust and dirt.

10. Monster spray

12 (24)

Spray it in the kids bedroom before sleep, they will be thrilled!

11. Straws

13 (20)

Stick it upside down - now your baby can't pull it out!

12. Baby sitter information sheet

14 (19)

Just in case.

13. Aqua stick

15 (21)

This way children won't hurt themselves with the door.

14. Tooth fairy

16 (16)

That's how money from the tooth fairy should look like!

15. Children hammock

17 (17)

Use a blanket or a sheet.

16. Shoulder turn-ups

18 (15)

Much more convenient to pull it off!

17. Juice

19 (15)

It's a lot easier for a child to hold it that way.

18. Art

24 (9)

Fill a zip-lock with water and add some paint. Zip it. Now your child can play, and no harm will be done to the interior.

19. Brown apples

25 (7)

Apples get brown fast. Put some salt on them after you cut them, and the apples will stay fresh. Don't forget to rinse them before eating!

20. Wax crayons

26 (6)

Use  WD-40 to get rid of wax crayons traces.

21. Don't get lost

27 (6)

It's a magnet that you can put on a car. Tell your child to wait you with their hand on the magnet. Children love games!

22. Ice-cream

28 (6)

Use baking cups to prevent ice-cream from melting all over your child.

23. Chalks

29 (6)

Put chalks into a candy box.

24. Cold sponge

30 (5)

Put a frozen sponge in a bag with breakfast, that way it stays cool.

Source: Wikr