Photos that make us believe this world is worth saving

«My daughter's first pizza slice»

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«My brother is about to go to school. His backpack is bigger than he is! It is so cute!»

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They came to meet Mulan dressed up as Mulan and Shang

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He feeds the cows in the shape of heart just to make his girlfriend smile!

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"My mother told my father how to water this plant before she died. He's been doing it for ages. Then he decided to move the pot, and realized that the flowers were plastic... I'm sure mom is laughing so hard up there!

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«My father is so happy! He is doing cooking classes.»

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«This guy approached me on the street and offered to draw my portrait in 5 minutes. His name is Ahmed.»

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«My sister took a picture of her dog, but he camouflaged well.»

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"Mom and her lady friend came home from a party and decided to sleep in the living room. My father is making them a plate of salami/cheese/apples."

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"My parents prohibited my sister to dye her hair, unless someone else does it with her. Now I have purple hair..."

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«My brother wishes his girlfriend happy Valentine's Day.»

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«Our dog hates it when we cut his nails. That's how my father made it easier!».

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"My granny lost touch with her friend 40 years ago. We've been searching for her for years. And finally they've met... I'm crying!!"

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A deer wondered into a store in Colorado. The owner gave some chocolate cookies to the animal. He left, and in an hour he came back with his whole family...

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"He came into the store saying "I've found a phone, can you please help me to switch it on?"

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"My mother wrote me this note the day I left home. The same day she died (this is the record of her last heartbeat)."

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