20 situations you would like to avoid

Our life is a rollercoaster consisting of ups and downs. That it why it is so important to accept all surprises the universe brings us with a strong will and a cheerful smile. And each time you think that it is the worst day of your life, just look at these photos and you’ll understand that there is always someone who has it worse than you.

I’ve only wanted to go back home...

Who is there?

You need to be attentive while going out of the toilet

Life is unfair

The king of parking

A party ended before it began

It looks like he’d better find another way to go down...

The king of parking vol.2

You need to be careful with ponds...

And with crocodiles

I can’t imagine how many bones he has broken

The perfect way of using a wheel

I hope that there was nobody in this house

Get me out of here!

You need to be attentive while doing your job

And look forward

It looks like it got stung by a bee

This snake wants to steal my car!

And how am I going to go back?

Never drive on ice. Never

Source: interesno.cc