Plastic surgeries gone wrong on 5 famous beauties

It’s hard to explain why, but most celebrities absolutely love plastic surgeries. So often natural beauty of actresses and models admired by millions is turned into rubbish in pursue of being “even prettier”.

Lara Flynn Boyle

The star of 90’s popular TV-show “Twin Peaks” frequently appears in magazines, but mostly under headings like “Donna Hayward, is it really you?” or “What happened to her?” (Donna Hayward, her screen character, is the prettiest girl in school). Everybody is convinced that if not for these silly plastic surgeries, she would look great at the age of 45.


Melanie Griffith

In 1997 a new screen adaptation of “Lolita” was shot, where Melani starred as a 40-years-old woman, mother of little Nymph. Later the actress was spitting fire because of “another secondary role”, claiming to be too young and beautiful to play all those middle-aged ladies. Now she is 58, but after lots of surgical interventions her face doesn’t leave her many options: Griffith mostly does voicework behind the cameras.


Janice Dickinson

We can’t even imagine what pushed this beautiful American model towards surgical experiments. Well, we have to admit that Janice has been also fighting heavy alcohol addiction, which also affected her appearance (now she is 61).


Meg Ryan

At first the actress, who was considered not that beautiful, but surely cute and pretty, wanted to make her lips look sexier. Perhaps it came as a surprise to her that she would not be able to stop: at the age of 54 she is almost unrecognizable, though no wrinkles looks almost fresh.


Lindsay Lohan

May be it is too soon to include Lindsay (who is 29 years old) in the list of “disfigured beauties”. She is still young and her stylists can perform miracles when it comes to scheduled public appearances. But, judging by her colleagues’ experience, we can imagine what she will look like in her 40s, 50s… and 60s? Especially taking into consideration her lifestyle.