This apartment in New York City Center has 8,4 square meters. How do you live in something that small?

If you live in an apartment in NY City Center, your rent depends exclusively on its location. Generally in this city the «where» is very important. Felis Cohen, for example, lives within walking distance to Central Park, Lincoln Center and restaurants. But living in a spot like this and paying only $700 per month require some sacrifices, don’t you think so?


Her apartment has a size of a nursery (and a pretty modest one) – just 8,4 square meters. This is not a studio, not even a microstudio, but Felis manages to live her life to its fullest. Fortunately, this girl works in logistics, that’s why her apartment is organized just perfectly for convenient living.


Every inch here is accounted for and used with great precision! Bedroom is a kind of loft, and to get to the sleeping surface your need to climb the stairs. At the beginning Felis was afraid of falling down from the height, but she managed to squeeze a decent bed into this space so now it’s all right.


Her apartment is narrow and long, and for this reason Felis decided to use upper space, thankfully the ceiling enables her to do that. That’s where she's set a storage.


Then there is her workplace, where she writes her book and draws.


Check that out - there is a closet hidden behind a curtain.


Though there is no kitchen space available in the apartment, miss Cohen has found a way out. She has a mini-fridge where she stores some food, a toaster and a small night stand to cook on. Hot food is prepared in the oven.


But the most interesting thing is that the bathroom in this tiny flat is pretty spacious.


Well, perhaps it’s worth it: the price you pay for those mornings, when you wake up and see all this famous NYC sights right in front of you. What do you think about it? Leave us a comment!