A mother saw her missing daughter’s photo on an escort service website and called her as a client

The poor mother described the moment when she saw her 13-year-old daughter on an escort service website, offered as a prostitute.

The daughter of Kubiaki Pride from Atlanta had disappeared, and 9 months later her mother found her photo on an escort service website Backpage.com, wrote Daily Mail. Her terrible and heart-braking story was told in a documentary, that will be shown on Netflix as a warning for all the minors and their parents.


One night, a 13-year-old girl went to a party dedicated to the end of the school year. That night she met a woman that offered to take her home. It turned out that the woman, that looked just normal from the first sight, sold children. Missis Pride tried to find any information available on the web regarding her missing daughter, and after 270 days of search she stumbled upon a website that was selling escort services, where she saw her daughter.


The pictures of her daughter posing in underwear were presented in the section “newbies”, and there were ratings and comments below. The mother thought of nothing better than order her own daughter.

When her daughter came back home, she told her mother that she was taking a lot of drugs, and even turned an addict. Moreover, there were many evidences of abuse on the child’s body. It wasn’t the first time the daughter escaped from home.

When Kubiaki asked her daughter, why she ran away all the time, she said that she needed the pills. At last, the woman who has sold the girl to sexual slavery was captured and condemned to 5 years of prison, but the girl’s photos remained on the website for a long time. Pride requested them to be deleted, but her petition was rejected. By the law, the owners of the web site can post any ads they want.


About 150 million of USA citizens are victims of human trafficking

Backpage is a major website in the US, and the 80% of the human trafficking ads are published there. Pride admitted that she used this website to buy clothes and other stuff, and she was genuinely surprised that it sells people. It was closed only in the beginning of this year.

As for the girl, she feels better now, and despite of all that she had to survive, she is full of love.