A man punched a baby because he confused her with a doll

This unusual incident happened in Tesco supermarket in Manchester.

Tiny Elsi Rouz, 5 days old, went out for the first time in her life with her mother and other family members.


Elsi Rouz and her mother

While her relatives were looking for toys, she was lying in the stroller. Suddenly a man approached her and punched her in the face. A mark from the punch immediately appeared on the forehead of the newly born.

The police arrived in an instant. The baby was taken to the hospital, where the doctors calmed the parents down, saying that there was no danger to the baby’s health. After 7 hours the red mark disappeared from her face.

Later the mother posted on Facebook how grateful she was to the supermarket staff because of their quick reaction.

The man named David Hardy was arrested under assault charges and taken into custody.


David Hardy

Today, right before his 64th birthday, the accused stood in front of the judge of Manchester during the first hearing. To defend himself he stated that he had thought it was a doll, not a real baby.

“I heard some people admiring the baby – oh, look, what a beautiful baby – and I didn’t believe that it was a real baby and confused it with a doll”, - said 63-year-old David Hardy.

He also confirmed that when he realized what had happened, he was in shock. His lawyer, family and friends describe him as a soft and kind person without any inclinations towards aggression. He also has small grandchildren.


The prosecution insists that his actions were deliberate. For now we know nothing about the decision of the court.

Source: espejo