That's how the daughter of Michael Jackson looks like now

Is there a person on this planet that knows nothing about Michael Jackson? His music is incredible, nobody can dance like him and his every concert was a true show.

But did you know that, apart from being a pop-king, he was also a father? Yes, he had 3 kids!

Prince Jackson is his elder son and Paris is his only daughter - these two were born from Debbie Rowe, Michael's first wife. Now they are 19 and 18 respectively. His younger son Prince II was born from a surrogate mother.

We know almost nothing about them, because during his whole life Michael Jackson was protecting them from paparazzi. At social events and in public places they were forced to wear masks!

The most public person of all three is Paris. By the way, she was baptised by Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor.

Paris, as well as her brothers, grew up under strict supervision of the father. After the divorce Michael got full custody of the kids. Rumors have it he adored his children.

Paris Jackson appeared in public for the first time on her father's funeral in 2009. She gave a speech.

After Michael Jackson had died, his mother Katherine Jackson took care of his children.

His daughter grew up to be a beautiful woman.

Now she is trying to make a career in modeling and cinematography. She lives an active live and travels a lot. In 2012 she was invited to Oprah's show and talked about her life.

The girl likes to experiment with her appearance: like father like daughter. No, she hasn't done any plastic surgeries yet, but she changes her style very often, and every time she looks great!

In 2015 she started to go out with a football player Chester Kastellou, but they split up the same year.

Now she travels with her new boyfriend and shares many photos of them on Instagram.

We don't know how things are in reality, but judging by her social media she is living a happy life. Let's wish Michael's children not to stay in the shadow of their genius father for their whole lives.

What do you think about the children of Jackson?