A photo that provoked many discussions on the web. What side are you on?

This couple often gets comments like “Oh, she is so fat and he is very athletic! What has he seen in her? Or “How a man that handsome can be with someone like her?”. It is always hard for a woman to read this kind of comments, so she honestly and openly addressed all the evil tongues, saying that they “have nothing better to do but to compare strangers”.


She published a photo with her husband on Instagram and wrote: “For many years now this man loves my every wrinkle, every piece of my body, every curve. And I’ve never understood why. How can he love a girl with a body so imperfect? Why this smart, handsome and sporty man fell in love with me? I don’t have a flat belly, my body shakes when I walk, and when I run up the stairs everything in me is moving. But finally I realized that all my imperfections are part of me, that I have them and they make me different from everybody else, they make me unique and I am happy about it. Finally I see the beauty that my husband sees in me.”

It didn’t come as a surprise that a post that inspiring spread rapidly in the Internet. It has more than 58 000 likes and 2000 comments, most of which are from girls like her.

Before that Jazzy desperately tried to loose weight, she was always on diets, torturing herself with exercises, but nothing helped. So she decided to relax and accept who she is. Obviously, this story got a lot of negative comments like “that’s not a reason to justify that you are fat and you should be ashamed of yourself, because it is not a good thing to promote obesity”.


Of course it bothered Jazzy, but not too much. “Why are they like that? At the beginning I was trying to understand them, but then I realized something. They just don’t like themselves. I eat well, I do exercises, and I can talk to them about healthy lifestyle. Being a “big girl” doesn’t mean being a one leading unhealthy lifestyle”.

Source: instagram