It looks like this marriage is about to collapse: David Beckham introduced his mistress to close friends

Judging by the news, the Beckham family has another crisis. This time for a good reason.


During these past several months western media have been paying a lot of attention to the problems of David and Victoria, speculating that divorce is inevitable. Tabloids say their marriage is just a public image that they have to maintain. And now they write about Beckham cheating on his wife – openly seeing other women.

One of close friends of David shared shocking information about a party at Steven Tyler’s house. According to him, David came to the party with Victoria and their son Brooklyn, but when they left, he approached his mistress and passionately kissed her in front of everybody. And this is after the couple renovated their wedding vows!


We don’t know if Victoria had any idea that her rival was among the guests, but David ignored her while his family was there. Though later he didn’t try to hide his feelings in front of his friends. What is going to happen next? It is not the first time he cheats on his wife: in 2010 he was seen with the model Irma Nichi. At that time Victoria avoided making a scandal and forgave her husband, and even gave birth to their daughter Harper.