This couple has been building their own island for 20 years! It was so worth it!

The artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King, being two creative people, always had a thing for mother-nature. So they decided to escape from the noise of the city and found a cabin in a pretty remote and calm place. The couple has spent almost two decades building something they had been wishing for for their whole lives – a house on the water. They constructed their new dwelling a bit off the coast of the Vancouver island in British Columbia (a very romantic place) and called it Bay of Liberty.

This beautiful colorful dwelling looks amazing from aside. The Bay of Liberty consists of 12 floating platforms, and it has a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse and 5 greenhouses of it’s own.

“We’ve chosen our path, we want to live in harmony with the nature. Every day we try not to interfere with it’s principles”, - says Catherine. Wayne (66) and Catherine (59) live their lives in a relaxed pace. Sometimes they accept tourists.

Isn’t it heaven on earth, or better to say on water?





The Bay of Liberty shows us that your home is where your heart feels like it. If there are love, peace and tranquility in the family, it is possible to build a house even on water.