These people were born in different centuries, but they are as like as two peas

They say history tends to repeat itself. It is hard to argue about that. Look at these pictures and you will understand that it’s true. Genetics, as you know, is a powerful thing. You think that similarities appear only between fathers and sons? I wouldn’t jump into conclusions…

Recently a contest devoted to similarities between relatives of different generations has been conducted. Some of the cases had more than 100 years apart, but people seemed as like as two peas!

Father and son

Great grandfather and great grandson

Olaf (born in 1871) y Max (born in 1991).

Aunt (born in 1898) and niece (born in 1981).

Grandfather Henry Daniel and grandson Edward Casey (both are 21 on the photos)

They are 4 generations apart

Great grandmother Michelle and great granddaughter Lucy (the difference is 87 year)

Grandfather and grandson

Grandmother Jackie and granddaughter Caroline

Great grandfather Luis (born in 1917) and great grandson Matthew (born in 1995)

Great grandfather Benjamin and great grandson Juan

And now the most impressive ones! There is a time gap of more than 200 years between these people, but they still look alike! 

Father and son

Grandmother, mother and daughter

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