One in a million cases: an African-American woman gave birth to a child with blue eyes and white skin

Some genetics laws keep being a complete mystery for scientists. However, it's a well-known fact that a white mother can give birth to a black child and vice versa.

It is a very rare case, but it is possible. This kind of genetic mutations always attract attention of public.


Catherine and Richard Howarth were happy to learn they were about to become parents.

Richard is a red head, and Catherine has dark skin colour, she is from Nigeria. The couple lives in the United Kingdom. They were sure the child would have dark skin and eyes.

When the mother saw her baby for the first time, she was so astonished!

"Is that my child?!"


The father was surprised as well, though he was present during the labor. He couldn't believe it's his son!

The child even has blue eyes!


"It was love from the first sight!"

Scientists claim that ears are the parts of body that indicate true skin colour of an individual. Little Jonah's ears are as white as his whole body.

To solve the mystery of their child, the couple went to see Dr. Emily Grossman, genetics specialist. It turned out that the boy inherited almost all the features from his mom, and skin colour - from his dad.


"It was a beautiful and rare accident"

Catherine admits that she and her child attract a lot of attention when they are just walking down the street together.

"He is absolutely handsome! I think he will become a model some day," she says.