A complete failure: the worst marriage proposals ever made

Love proposals don't always end well. You need to organize everything and not forget about the most important thing - if the lady is ready to say "yes" or not.

There are many videos on the web about these awkward moments.

This guy wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him on a baseball game. Well, it is indeed a very romantic way to do it, but only if the girl says "yes". But this girl wasn't eager to marry him, so the proposal turned out to be a huge failure.

A bride, a groom, an altar and a wedding. Looks like they are going to live happily ever after. But this Chinese woman said "no" to her husband-to-be right at the altar, in front of all the guests.

This taxi driver wanted to do the proposal on a bridge with a beautiful view. But the ring fell into the river...

Such a touching story. This girl sat down in the middle of the street to declare her love to the guy. She screamed, "I love you!", and the guy just grabbed his stuff and walked away.

 This guy planned to propose at a waterfall. Once again, a very risky idea... The ring fell into the water.

 He proposed to this girl during her graduation ceremony. She didn't like the idea.

 In Nigeria a man almost scared his beloved one to death. He faked his own death in a car accident. And when she ran towards and started crying, he "revived"...

This inventive guy convinced his friends to stage a robbery. The girl, obviously, got scared. And then the crowd started singing, and her "Romeo" kneeled in front of her.

Another baseball proposal, this time Yankees vs. Red Sox. This man proposed to his girlfriend, but it turned out that he had lost the ring.

He organized a performance in a shopping mall and started to declare his eternal love to the girl. She was listening, and listening... until she hit him with a guitar.

And this young man wanted to test the feelings of his loved one first. He fell off the roof, checked her reaction to that, and only then proposed.

Source: www.youtube.com