She thought someone was calling her name... There was a homeless man, but she knew him!

A homeless man was sitting on the side of the road in Kenia. He raised his eyes and saw her. Memories started flooding the man's mind, and he yelled, "Vanja!" Vanja, who was on her way to a supermarket, got scared of a homeless man shouting at her. She didn't recognize him.

"I am Patrick," he said.

"Oh God, what has happened to your?!" exclaimed Vanja. Patrick was her classmate and childhood friend. She remembered that in school he used to be a prominent football player, other kids even called him Pele.

The woman sat by his side and they started talking. After Patrick's grandma died, everything went sideways: he became a drug addict and ended up on the streets.


He honestly wanted to get back to normal life, be sober and work. But rehabilitation programs in Kenia are very expensive. However, Vanja crowd-funded enough money to put Patrick in a rehab for 9 days.


"He thinks I changed his life," she says, "But in fact he changed mine. Now I know how little effort you have to make to help somebody and make them happy."


Source: facebook