He is 2,34 m high and she is 1,52 m. But look how perfect they are together!

Love obeys no rules, though there are people who choose to love somebody of their own size, race, age or social status. But for this Brazilian couple nothing can be more important than their feelings, even an enormous height difference.

Jolison Fernandez Da Silva is the tallest man in Brazil. His height is 2,34 m and his life is literally filled with big things, except maybe for his love object - his 1,52-high wife.

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Jolison was diagnosed with "giantism" caused by a benign tumor.

The tumor was removed when he was 21. Imagine how he suffered because of his height when he was a teenager. He had no choice but to look for clothes and shoes in special stores. He was very worried about it, he even wanted to leave home because of the shame he felt.

But everything changed when he met the love of his life, Evel Madeyros.

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They met online. They knew they have been made for each other the moment they spoke for the first time.

For days they talked on the Internet.

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When they met face to face for the first time, the girl was very impressed. Jolison said that she couldn't stop staring at him. And after a year of relationships the couple decided to get married. Now they want to have a child.

Despite of the public opinion, they are happy together. Jolison is quite famous in Brazil, and thanks to Evel he finally learned to accept himself.

They are not a common couple, but their love is real.

Source: fabiosa.com