Their boss gave them 6 days off for not smoking

A Japanese marketing company Piala Inc. added 6 paid days off to their non-smoking employees' vacation after they filed complaints about working more than smokers.


The company representative Hirotaka Matsushima said that one of their non-smoking employees sent them a letter in which he complained that smoking breaks "cause problems".

The office of the company is situated on the 29th floor, and every smoking break takes at least 15 minutes, because the employees have to go down to the ground floor.

In September the company CEO Takao Asuka decided to add days to non-smoking employees' vacations.

According to him, after this measure had been taken, 4 employees stopped to smoke.

"I hope that my employees quit smoking because of a right incentive, not punishment."

At least 30 of 120 employees benefited from the new policy.

He also said that he didn't smoke, and that he had used his additional days to take his family to the beach.