She straightened her 1-year-old daughter's hair: a clash of opinions on the web

Young mother Crystal Harden straightened her daughter's hair. Her name is Aiden. Now everybody is saying that it's not smart to sexualize a child of such a young age.


Crystal posted this photo on Instagram with a comment "Yesterday I straightened Aiden's hair. Looks beautiful!"

The photo was seen by more than 36,000 people. Some of them decided to share their opinion on the matter. Most of the users are sure that the girl is too young for this kind of haircuts. They left comments like: "Stop sexualizing the child", "Let her be a child", "She is supposed to be playing, not being a hair style model"


However, there were people who supported Crystal's decision. "Your child is perfect, her hair looks great", "Nobody can tell you what to do and what not to do".

Straightened my baby's hair yesterday 😍👑 she's so gorgeous. #almosttwo #oneandthreequarters #minimelanin #creoleprincess

Публикация от Crystal Harden (@i_get_in_your_head)

Source: instagram