A mother messaged her dead son. She wasn't expecting an answer...

People called him English Bulldog, or Diesel.

His goal was to save human lives. And he reached his goal, though it cost him his own life.


Tifo's mother Carol Adler often messaged with her son. She was the last person to write him on the 23d of May 2015, seconds before he died.

Clinton Rushing troops and Tifo were called to investigate an air accident.

Tifo had half of a second to think how to act...

Without thinking of his own life, he saved a man from a crane. Tifo didn't survive.

Adler, his mother, messaged him right at the moment of the heroic act. She said that she loved him.


Of course, her son didn't have a chance to read those words...

Kell Hulsey, a police sergeant, had Tifo's phone in his hands when it all happened. He was the first to see the message.

Welp back to work cause no days off is apparently awesome. #army #nodaysoff #soldier #camo #copenhagen

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Taylor Tifo was an ambitious young man. He even made a list of 25 things to accomplish in his life - and managed to do all those things...


Naturally, the sergeant thought somebody messaged to a wrong number. But it was just the beginning of the story.

Adler has never thought somebody would read her messages.

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