A father wanted to cover his sleeping son with a blanket, but then he saw something... =)

Recently people have wrote a lot of negative things about maternity and problems that it brings into your life. And those things are partly true, especially for the parents of new borns that know that from this day on they will never sleep tight again.

However, being carried away by the horrors of the beginning of a new life, people often forget about the miracles and joy that await young families. Some of those moments will stay with them forever, and years from now they will become stories for a family party.

This video is an excellent example of such a story. Mom and dad entered their son's room to see how he was sleeping. When father wanted to cover the child with a blanket, he witnessed something very funny!

In the end the father managed to make his son feel comfortable, but let's admit, he got them =) If you like this video, share it with your friends!