People like to judge. This woman answered to those who insulted her

People like to judge without even trying to understand the situation. Several years back this photo became popular on the web: an obese woman lost balance and fell down. Many people were laughing at this photo...

The woman came to a supermarket. She was strolling down the aisles on a special moving chair for people with mobility difficulties. She bended to grab some product she wanted, but suddenly lost balance and fell from the moving chair to the floor. Two girls that were standing right behind her didn't help her, instead they started to laugh and take photos.


The woman wrote on her Facebook page that it tormented her. She has a spine desease that keeps her from doing physical exercises and standing straight in general. She consumes minimal amount of calories on a daily basis, and only sometimes eats fast food to calm down and fight the pain. It literally hurts her to move. The day this photo was taken, she was suffering from an unbearable pain.


The woman shared her story, because she wanted to draw attention to this problem. Obese people are often laughed at, but people have no idea how they suffer every day and how often their obesity is a result of an illness, not a lack of sports or an unhealthy diet. We shouldn't judge people just because they look different.