A woman is suing her friend for $150,000 because of a fall

In February 2012 Kay Bensted fell down in a park because of her friend's german shepherd. 60-year-old woman broke her hip and arm.

The owner of the dog called Lily - 76-year-old Ann Phinney - and Kay were friends and colleagues. They often went out to stroll in the park together.


Kay Bensted / Ann Phinney

Phinney loves german shepherds, she have had several dogs in the past years. Bensted prefers much smaller dogs.

In court Bensted said that she petted Lilly only once, when she was a puppy, and never touched her again. That's why, she said, Ann should have known better than to ask her to look after the dog while she was buying drinks for both of them. The dog was too strong and heavy, that's why Bensted fell down.

Then the lady added that in fact her friend didn't even ask her to look after the dog. She would have said no.

In her defence Ann said that Bensted had an opportunity to say no before she took the dog's lead.

The judge decided that Phinney had to pay 115,000 pounds of compensation to her friend and cover her medical expenses (around 100,000).

Source: metro