Do you know why you shouldn't buy beverages with ice in KFC and McDonald's?

BBC Watchdog reports have showed that ice machines of some fast food restaurants are infected with faecal bacteria.

According to BBC, more than half of the ice from KFC, McDonald's and Burger King that they inspected contained faecal bacteria. The study was conducted after some reports about faecal bacteria in Starbucks emerged.


These bacteria were found in potable water of the fast food chains as well.

The report indicates that in 7 of 10 restaurants of these chains some type of infection was found. These infections were qualified as "serious".


The representative of the British Institute of Health Toni Lewis commented:

"We need to be aware of who and how manages the ice machines. We should also pay attention to the general higiene."

KFC asserted that they had already got rid of all the ice machines mentioned in the report.

"To calm out clients down, we also examined and cleaned all the ice machines in all our restaurants in Great Britain," said a representative of KFC.

The representative of McDonald's stated:

"There is nothing more important than the safety of our clients and staff. We are going to continue the revision of our restaurants and we will make sure that all higiene procedures are followed."


After the report was issued Burger King also claimed that "the higiene is the priority."