An old man has found $95 000 that his wife was hiding from him for years. You won't believe where!

An old couple was married for more than 50 years. They never had any secrets from each other, but there was only one thing that the old lady had asked her husband not to do: never look inside the old shoe box that was sitting on the highest shelf in the closet.

The husband never wondered what this box contained... but one time, when his wife was very sick, she asked him to bring the mysterious box to the hospital. The old man went home and opened the box. There were two hand-made dolls and $95 000 in cash.

"But how?.." mumbled the husband, perplexed.

"Before we got married," said the old lady, "my grandmother had shared with me the secret of a perfect marriage. She told me that every time I get angry with you I shouldn't shout and fight with you, but instead I should say nothing and sew a doll to calm down."

The old man was touched with this story. There were only 2 dolls in the box... it seemed that she got angry with him only two times during all the years of their marriage.

"But tell me, where did you get the money?" he asked.

"Ah, this... well," she smiled, "This is how much I earned selling dolls."

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Source: PetFlow