A prostitute shot her client in the head for a weird reason

In the city of Everett, Washington, USA, a 21-year-old prostitute Marissa Wallen shot her client in the head two times because she didn't like to have oral sex with him.


According to My Everett News, the crime was committed in the house of the victim, where Marissa was a frequent guest.

The man was found alive three days after the accident. The victim couldn't talk, but was capable of explaining to the police what had happened with the help of gestures. He also indicated who was to blame.

The accused said that she didn't know how to tell her client that she didn't like to have oral sex with him and that he hurt her. So she took advantage of the moment when he wasn't paying attention, grabbed the victim's gun and shot him in the head.

After that Wallen stole man's wallet and 12 thousand dollars. The police was able to track her down because she had used one of the stolen credit cards. The prostitute has an 11-year-old baby.


She was accused of the first degree assault and theft. She will appear before the court soon.

The victim works in the field of cyber security and regularly calls prostitutes. He always enjoyed boasting the money he earned.

Source: myeverettnews