A rescue team found a girl, but she was already dead... Look at what was under her body.

We live in a crazy world, where most of the big events are hard to predict. Wars, economical crises, refugees, sanctions, aggression:  our lives are composed of these phenomena. And humanity is to blame for all of them. But nature can be even more powerful.

On the 24th of August 2016 a terrible earthquake happened in Italy. Hundreds of people perished under debris, the city of Pescara del Toronto was razed... Rescue teams were guided by the voices that they could sometimes hear from beneath the ruins.

Underneath one of the buildings that collapsed a 4-year-old girl was found alive. She survived only because her 9-year-old sister covered her with her body. When the rescue team managed to reach the girls, the older sister was already dead. It moved one of the rescuers so much that he wrote a letter to the child:

"I am so sorry we arrived too late. You have already ceased to breath, but I want you to know that we've done everything in our power to save you. Now I know that an angel is looking at me. Bye, Julia! I love you. Though you will never know that. Andrea."

This touching story reminds us that in a difficult moment a person is capable of sacrificing his or her precious life in order to save a loved one. Even if this person is just 9 years old.