16 elegant brides that wear veil and crush the stereotypes!

You think that the destiny of arab women is to hide under a boring black mantle for their whole lives? Look at these marvellous photos!

All these girls embody what every bride should have: tenderness, beauty and purity. Expensive fabrics and hijab only emphasize those qualities.

"Nude" style

Incredible henna tattoos!

So tender...

A perfect make-up for this outfit 

What a color!

Very elegant set - a dress and a turban. 

A hijab and a veil

Beautiful lacework

A bride with her girl friends

Like a mermaid...


Incarnated angel


Bright colors

Arabian night 

Beautiful outfit 

It looks like it is possible to be traditional and at the same time stylish. If you like these gems of the East, share the article with your friends!