"I am proud of my tattoo!" He got a tattoo on his neck and now he can't find any job

A guy from Great Britain got a tattoo of colourful angel wings on his neck to honour his deceased grandfather. Now he is struggling to find a job - nobody wants to hire him because of the tattoo. He doesn't want to get rid of it and accuses the employers of discrimination.


Joe Parsons from Manchester got the tattoo in November 2016.


"I like how it looks on me."

Soon he quit his job on a cookie factory because he had to take care of his mother. She had been attacked on the street and suffered from a severe post-traumatic syndrome.

Joe had to find another job, so in January he started looking for a position, but unsuccessfully. He is convinced that no one wants to hire him because of the tattoo.

"Every time I have an interview, the employer looks me in the eyes and then looks at my neck. Then there is an awkward pause, and we continue. But I feel how his attitude changes, no matter what my answers to his questions are. It's like I've got "Don't hire me" tattooed on my neck." 

He has been to over 30 job interviews in the last several months. He has 4 years of experience in sales, he worked in hotels and service centres, but the only thing the employer sees is his tattoo.


Source: www.thesun.co.uk