A woman saw a stranger texting on the plane. She realized she had to react immediately...

A school teacher was on a plane from Seatlle to San Jose when she noticed that a man sitting right beside her was frantically texting someone. She glimpsed at the phone screen and realized that she had to call the police immediately, but by that time they where already in the air.

She managed to read something about two girls that were about to be abused.

The teacher started taking pictures of the man's screen without him noticing. As soon as they landed, she approached a policeman, told him what she witnessed, and showed him the pictures. 

San Jose police detained Michael Kellar, 56. They used his text messages to track down his accomplice. 



It was a woman named Gail Bernworth, 50. It turned out she regularly offered Kellar two girls, 5 and 7 years, to satisfy his sexual desires.

Bernworth was the nanny of the girls. Now both Kellar and Bernworth are serving a sentence for what they've done. This horrible crime was stopped thanks to a school teacher!

Source: buzzfeed