I have left my wife for a younger woman and now my life is a nightmare...

35 years in a happy marriage and marvellous kids that have already grown up... All of this in exchange for relationships with a young and beautiful woman. And now he feels such a bitter remorse. It's an anonymous confession.


"Talking about this is difficult, but necessary.

My wife and I lived together for 35 years, and we've been through a lot together. We have great kids. Now each of them has a respectable job, they are all married. And all of this thanks to my wife who was always praying for them.

After I retired, my wife and I decided to invest our savings in a business. The result exceeded our expectations: I've never seen that much money before, I was so happy!

Out of a sudden I turned into a member of the "millionaire club", and my life changed drastically. It seemed to me that my wife, with whom I had lived together for so many years, wan't enough for me any more...

We moved to a fancy neighbourhood and bought an insanely expensive car. I started to attend important events and private functions. I was surrounded by young and beautiful women.

These ladies whispered in my ear things that made me melt. I felt like I was the king of the world, I was throwing money around. So I met this woman, let's say her name was Dolly. A young attractive woman that didn't take her eyes off me: she seemed to be ready to do anything for me, and I "fell in love". But there was one condition - I had to marry her. My first wife had never made me suffer. She always supported me, "in sickness and in health".

The fact that our children grew up to be successful and happy people was her merit. And I just can't explain how it all happened.

I was invited to the house of Dolly and her mother, who is of the same age as my wife. We had a delicious dinner, but then Dolly's mother started to make conditions, because she was worried for the happiness of her daughter (she herself was divorced). She and Dolly gave me 3 months to explain everything to my wife and get a divorce, or  Dolly and I would never see each other again.

I went down on my knees and promised to do what they were asking for. What a nightmare!

I went home and started to accuse my wife of all sins. We fought a lot, and with every fight I hated her more and more. I asked for a family reunion, so that everybody could see how "bad" she was. I included her excessive weight and her fanatical faith in the list of her "sins". I said that all her prayers were sorcery, and I even accused her of sleeping with the pastor...

First she defended herself, but then said, "I know what is going on and I will let you be with this young blond that charmed you." And the world fell apart. My younger sister, whom my wife had raised like her own child, hit her. And I just stood their watching. My wife left me the same day.

The majority of the things in the house belonged to her, but she didn't take anything. Our children tried to interfere, but my arguments and lies convinced them. I gave Dolly the money that she was expecting from her rich boyfriend. I felt like a king for two weeks: that's how long our honeymoon lasted. Well, it is something incredible when a woman that beautiful accompanies you at social events. But this was it. Now I live in hell.

Dolly is libertine, ignorant and heartless. We don't even have sex: now I have erectile disfunction. I am pretty sure she is cheating on me. I can't even share any of this with anybody.

I miss my wife, her kindness. Nobody cares about my health, so now I have many deseases that are eating me from the inside. Dolly doesn't work, she is always at home. She gave birth, but I am not sure that the child is mine. Either way, I don't enjoy playing with the child, and it's not like I used to feel with my other kids and grandkids.

My children became estranged. Their mother is fine. God always listens to her prayers and blesses her. She looks younger and happier without me.

Dolly practically ended my relationships with my family. I feel like a prisoner both in my house and in my own body. I made a huge mistake and I am afraid of admitting it. I suffer and I laugh at myself. Even through this letter I can't confess all my sins...

Now I know that everything happens in due time. My life had come to its sundown, and there is no point in wanting to be with someone who is waiting for dawn. It doesn't matter how much I want it, I can't be a young man again. I would give anything to turn back time.

I imagine how wonderful it would be to grow old together with someone who has been by my side since we were young. I envy couples who've been through hell, but managed to survive and stay together. I still hope to reconcile with my ex-wife, but she doesn't let me get close to her.

I've sent her some gifts, but she has returned all of them. She says she forgave me, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with me. God, help me..."

Here is the video version of this story.