10 famous photos that turned out to be a lie

As Doctor House said, "Everybody lies". And the minister of propaganda of Nazi Germany, Yosef Gebbels, explained that the more horrible the lie is, the easier it is to believe it.

Modern world is full of information. So some people invent news to draw attention of the public.

ViraFox crew decided to disprove some of the most famous lies. Here they are!

Egyptian Sphinx covered in snow

This photo went viral at some point. According to the person who posted it, after 112 years Egypt finally had a snowy day. The truth is that this photo was made in the park of miniatures Tobu World Square (Japan).

A cow on a hood
This photo is a lie, too. It became famous under the heading "That you can only see in Russia". But it's obviously photoshop.

Black lion
This photo received so many comments! People discussed mutation, they fought over the lion being one of kind or not. But the truth is that there are no black lions, and this poor thing was painted (we hope in Photoshop :)) 

The bear and the photographers 
If somebody is worried about these guys, we assure you they are fine. It is a photo montage.

Opium party in 1918
This photo was presented as authentic many times, as if this was the actual place where people smoked opium. But in reality this is a shot from a movie called "Dandy-Pacha" by George Remon.

The f gesture of Martin Luther King
This one went viral in an instant. And almost as fast people found the original, where he is making a completely different gesture.

Cloud piramide 
The clouds above the Fuji mountain look awesome, but, unfortunately, it's a fake. And though clouds can form all kinds of figures, in the original picture there was only one cloud.

Lenon and Che Guevara
Though many people are thrilled to believe that it's an original photo, the two icons never played together. In the authentic picture Lenon practices with Wayne Gabriel from the band Elephant's Memory.

The biggest spider 
Good news: this is a spider that lives in Angola, but in reality it is waaaay smaller.

Kennedy assassination 
This photo is often presented as a real shot made seconds after the assassination. But no - it's a scene from a movie about Kennedy.

We hope that after you have seen all those fakes, you will be less gullible. Internet is full of lies. Share this article with your friends so that they know the truth!