Everybody talks about this wedding! An ageing millionaire married a Playboy model

The main character of this story is 26-year-old Ksenia Delhi, who, despite of her young age, managed to obtain all that a young woman can dream of.

Her career as a model was fast and successful: Ksenia signed a contract with Playboy magazine, became the face of Victoria's Secret and even participated in Justin Bieber's videoclip! And now it looks like she has found happiness in personal life.


Ksenia's beauty won over many hearts, however, only 62-year-old Egyptian Ossama Fathi Rabaj Al-Sharif managed to conquer her.


Ksenia says that he is a man of exceptional intelligence, great sense of humor and incredible charisma. Besides, he is in a fantastic physical shape for his age!


Evil tongues keep saying that the model married the multimillionaire exclusively for his money. During the first year of their relationships he gave her as a gift diamonds, a red maserati and a private jet!


Their wedding was thoroughly organized. It cost more that $1 million.


This event took place on a romantic Greek island of Santorini. The wedding ceremony itself was conducted on a terrace that faced the Aegean sea.



There were around 150 guests. And every each of them got a piece of this gigantic cake!


The bride wore a Zuhair Murad dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.


After the wedding they went to Greece and then started their trip on a cruise ship. The newly weds went to Switzerland, Malasia, Paris, Lisbon etc.


Ksenia frequently posts on Instagram, showing everybody her day-to-day life with a millionaire. To all the envious comments she answers, "And who are you to judge the way I live my life?"


I'd like to believe that Ksenia and Ossan got married because they love each other, but I have my doubts... What do you think? Let us know in comment! By the way, here is a video about marrying "the wallet" and the consequences...