She desperately wanted to get fit. And her personal trainer found a unique way to help her!

A Brooklyn resident Adonis Hill is 35 years old. He is known to be an efficient personal trainer, who can find an approach to any client. Recently he's done something that may have changed the whole concept of this profession!

First of all, it's worth mentioning that Adonis became a trainer by accident. When he was 27, his business went broke, and the guy fell into a deep depression. As a result he gained a lot of excessive weight.

At some point he decided that he had had enough of self-pitying. He started working out and keeping a healthy diet, and got so hooked up that in a while he elaborated his own training program for weight loss. In two years he've lost 45 kilos.

While working out he discovered that he had a true talent: Adonis was able to explain to other people - in clear and simple words - how they were to do exercises. The owners of the gym offered him a job, and that's how he became a trainer.

One day a woman named Alice came to the gym. She had weight problems, and no exercises seemed to help her. So Adonis decided to carry out an unprecedented experiment.

He put himself in his client's shoes. The trainer gained 30 kilos on purpose! Then he told Alice, "Now we are in the same situation. Let's lose weight together."

After 4 months of hard work they managed to lose 26 kilos. Adonis claims that it was a lot easier than he had imagined.

"Well, getting used to everyday exercises is not that hard. The tricky part is to change your eating habits," - he says.

"I am so grateful to Adonis! He gave me hope, and then he made me do it!" tells Alice.