The wedding dresses of Diana, Megan Markle and other princesses

Queen Elizabeth and George VI


The parents of Elizabeth II announced their wedding in 1923 via radio. It was broadcasted from York Cottage in Sandringham. It's interesting that George had to ask his wife-to-be 3 times before he heard the "yes" he had been waiting for.

Elizabeth II and prince Phillip 


They got married in 1947. Last year they celebrated 70th anniversary of their wedding... Impressive!

Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones


Before marrying Anthony, Margaret had a long and tragic love story with a man who couldn't be considered an "appropriate" husband for a member of the British royal family. But the marriage proposal of Armstrong-Jones was approved by Elizabeth II, and in 1960 Margaret and Anthony created a family.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana


After several months of rumours about the prince's wedding, the Royal palace gave up and officially announced the engagement. Charles and Diana Spencer had seen each other just a couple of times before the wedding and, as we all know, Charles never stopped loving Camilla, his current wife. Prince Charles and Lady Di got married in 1986.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson


Prince Charles's younger brother also got married in 1986. Unfortunately, several years later the couple divorced.

Princess Anna and Timothy Laurence


Anna is the only daughter of Elizabeth II. She got married in 1992, only 6 months after the divorce with her first husband.

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones


The younger son of the British queen got married to Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999. They are still happily married and have two children, Louise and James.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles


As we all know, their journey to happiness was long and complicated, but these days are gone: they finally got married in 2005.

Prince William and Kate Middleton


William and Kate announced their engagement in November 2010. At that time they had been together for almost a decade.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Well, this one hasn't happened yet :)