The old lady had been living in hell until a young neighbour convinced her to let her in and help

Lucy knew that her neighbour is a lonely old lady, and she had no one to take care of her. The young woman tried to talk to her several times, offered her help, but the 70-year-old lady didn't let anyone into her apartment. She led a very solitary life and, besides, she had some kind of mental illness.

A while ago Lucy managed to finally convince the lady to let her into the apartment. What she saw inside was horrible...

The old woman was living in a mess and almost without any food. Everything was dusty and dirty, her furniture was rotten, clothes was eaten by insects... There was mold everywhere. It turned out the lady hadn't taken a bath in 13 years.

Lucy posted, "What I saw when I got in will always stay in my memory..."

The woman decided to start changing the poor lady's life right away. Her 14-year-old daughter helped her. Together they cleaned the apartment, bought food, furniture and clothes.


"I've been living here in Fuljema for 21 years. I know this lady, she is mentally ill. And she has no one! By law I can't post pictures of her or disclose her name, so I'm going to call her "my lady". She calls me Lucy Locket"


Solitude and despair



Nobody should live in these conditions!


"It's hard to say how much garbage we carried out."


"I knew I couldn't clean it up all by myself, so I posted the situation on Facebook. More people came to help!"


"Some people just bought what we needed. We received 80% of all we asked for in the first 24 hours!"


"It took 3 days to make the apartment look acceptable. 11 days more we spent on ordinary cleaning."


"There are so many kind people who were eager to help"


"I will do everything I can so that she lives a good life."


"She was afraid of taking a shower. Her legs were weak, so she could fall any time. I offered her to help, to wash her if needed. And she took a shower for the first time in 13 years with so much pleasure and gratitude, and I was there to hold her."


"People still ask me how she is doing"


"I will keep everyone posted. It is so easy to make a person happy."