The birth of these triplets shocked the doctors because of their DNA

Liam Tirni and his girlfriend Becky-Joe lived in Liverpool with their daughter Indiana. However, at some point they realized that they wanted to have more children.

When Becky-Joe finally got pregnant, everybody was very happy. But they didn't know what kind of surprise the nature was preparing for them...


This pregnancy was a lot more complicated than the first one. Becky was dizzy and sleepy all the time, her belly seemed to weigh a ton, she had strong headaches. So the couple went to do an ultrasound and make sure the baby is OK.


Well, it turned out Becky was having triplets.

There were no such cases in their family histories, so it was completely unexpected!

Doctors had to do a c-section to get the babies out. Each of them weighed 1,3 kilos, so their first 6 weeks they spent in intensive care. From the first day on the parents and the doctors started noticing something weird about the triplets...


Normally triplets are different - you can tell them apart. But these ones were absolutely identical. Even their parents couldn't tell who is who!

The results of the DNA test were stunning. They were born from the same egg! It is a very rare case.


After a while Becky and Liam began to distinguish them. They say the triplets look alike only when they are asleep, but they have three totally different personalities.

Moreover, one of the babies has a birthmark that is a bit darker than the birthmarks of the others, and he also has a small mark on his leg.